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Citizens on Top of Governments

Citizens Are Watching Governments

It must not be allowed where citizens are overtaxed; public servants are overpaid; and public services are under-standards. Performance measurement and performance management Systems for the public service employees and offices are of great need particularly when there is any decline in any field. Public service must live up to some better standards of private sector while making it better.

Why citizens pay taxes and delegate authorities to governments? Because all citizens want to receive excellent public services; to improve the quality of their life, and engage in production to create wealth.

Citizens need public services every day and every hour. Ask yourself when you receive a public service “Am I getting what I am paying for?” If the answer is not a sure “YES” then you must tell fellow citizens around you in your community, and also write here to let anyone know your experience and opinions. Otherwise, things will get worst.

Tell and write about: What; Where; When; Why; and Who (5 Ws.). Ideally, each state must have its own forum of “Report Bad Public Services”. So, it is an excellent idea to create your own state Report Forum now.

The case is very clear; national revenues come from nature, production, and taxation and they are owned by citizens – including government investments. Citizens used to give public servants too much with too little scrutiny. Now, it is time to change this. Your president or prime minister or monarch with all their ministers and departments are public SERVANTS, and they must be in your pocket- even if it was empty. Simply “No delegation”, “No taxes”, and “No production” if you do not get excellent public services.

Citizens Are Victorious Rulers

Citizens need quantitative and qualitative performance measurements for public services and the resulting overall quality of life in their state. Should the overall index fall under an acceptable level then the government and the relevant public servants must be axed automatically before the end of their terms and contracts. They should be questioned and penalized for their failure to perform their duties and wasting citizens’ resources.

Citizens must pay reasonable taxes only when they can afford them. And they must receive from taxes when they are in need. But, public servants in governments tend to serve only those who have the money, like corporations, and those who may cause troubles; plus their own henchmen. Therefore, citizens must be one of these forces, bucks or actions. They call this wrongly “Politics” as they call themselves “Officials”.

Citizens when they come in contact with any irresponsible or corrupt public servant must act and report using all possible means, including similar blogs and forums. Very little will be achieved if citizens report to the relevant governmental authorities prematurely; because of conflict of interests. The chances of sacking and replacing such public servants are greater now; thanks for modern citizens’ media.


Hello world! Slash Public Service but not the Services

Axe Useless Public Employees

From my long experience in dealing with governments in more than a dozen of them I assure you that if you slash more than half of government officials or the so-called public dis-service and throw them to the streets you will definitely get better, effective and efficient administrations.

I am sure they are the source of corruption and corporate greed support. I have never seen in my long life any government department or an office functioning properly.
They are excesses, idles, and the antithesis of innovation, ethics and productivity.

People must have regular and uninterrupted access to monitor what are going on in any government office, low or high, including the judiciary, the police, the security, and the military.

When you deal personally with a successful private business you feel your power as a valued customer even if it was unethical business. But when I personally deal with any government office I feel their arrogance and wickedness; I wish I could spit on their faces.

The public service anywhere in the world is ten times it’s optimal size, and they are very good in employing the failures and the dishonest for life.

To Occupy Wall Street and bring social, political, and economic justice people must axe useless officials first.

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